So many pressing issues. So many unresolved conflicts.

Whether of global importance or in our own country, within our families or just personally concerning us: Our previous answers have indeed brought us further – but further away from ourselves.

Real change, isn’t only putting fresh paint on old walls, it begins within us. Effective change needs new ways. Create deliberate moments of silence from time to time for yourself and listen to your inner self. If you listen carefully, you may find an answer to everything: your senses, given by nature, and your peacemaking sensitivity.

In understanding yourself you find yourself. By understanding that others feel different from you, you cease to always expect the same behavior. A genuine “We” may occur.
And then we stand together…

At the beginning of our future

Our theme


Approximately every 6th person on this earth has a particular genetic trait in his genes – with refined senses, a different perception, a high degree of empathy, the ability to networked thinking in complex situations and a 7th sense as a kind of sonar for intangible developments and aspects of issues and problems that remain hidden from the consciousness of less sensitive people. In short, they are highly sensitive.

But most of these people are just as unaware of their talent as their families and their social environment are. They are often misunderstood in their sentient beings, labeled as mentally unstable, ill or even mad and marginalized in our society. Highly sensitive people can actually offer new perspectives, provide a decisive impetus and creative solutions to the pressing problems of our time.

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Our mission


In our performance, growth and selfishness-driven times we are all in danger of suffering from soul, mind and body sicknesses. We are well on the way to losing touch with ourselves and the sense of a life well lived. We degenerate.

Therefore SAG7 wants to establish a platform that brings people with a sensitive perception and people with less profound sensitivity together.

Due to mutual understanding, the chances increase that we as one human race are developing a new awareness of humanity and the protection of our natural (and only) habitat. This peaceful coexistence will be supported by sincerity and love for one another. We regenerate.

Our vision


SAG7 will work as a global group, free of all the institutions and ideologies, a non-profit organization for a fundamental social and ecological change. Anyone who identifies with the values and objectives of SAG7 is invited to participate in the various activities such as health research, nature protection or the self-help meetings and contribute to shaping these areas.

As a contact point for people with high sensitivity as a genetic trait we want to allow these people who are often socially disadvantaged, to find meaning through a unique self-discovery program.

We also want to redefine business hierarchy as “equality despite differences”. Everyone – whether highly or less sensitive – should be allowed to act and live according to their talent and their inner determination. The meaningful use of technology and the equitable distribution of resources will help us.

Initiatives and subdomains of SAG7

The Self-Help

The Self-Help

Sensitive. Anonymous. Gender Friendly.

We organize and support non-profit self-help groups, which are open to both highly sensitive people as well as to those who simply want to talk freely about their thoughts and feelings. The communities offer spaces for a dialogue of change. These are based on anonymity, equality and voluntariness.

Highly sensitive people help to develop their lives and talent by using a 12-step program and use it for the good of all. Independent in every respect, the self-help groups finance themselves solely by donations and grants. Within the self-help SAG7, the SAG7 Child & Family Foundation is committed to bringing a new culture of dialogue within families. One main focus is the appreciative, open (emancipated) communication with children.

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The Popical

The Popical

Sensitive. Art. Genius.

‚Highly Sensitive – Das Popical‘ is the stage adaptation of the acoustic novel ‚Highly Sensitive‘ by Chris Novi. In this way, SAG7 wants to draw attention to the problems and challenges of the group of so-called Highly-Sensitive-Persons (HSP) in the form of different multimedia productions. About 1.4 billion people are affected worldwide. The author himself has had to experience a history of multiple diagnoses, due to the long-standing disregard of his talent. Without really knowing about high sensitivity, he steadily walked towards it on his stony life path. He has come to know the effects of this particular genetic predisposition through a personal catharsis. Suffering and darkness were followed by light. In the end there was freedom.

The premiere of the first production takes place on May 9, 2018 in the course of the Festwochen St. Pölten 2018. In cooperation with the G.M² Dance Theatre Project and the Europaballett St. Pölten, a pop theater will be premiered. It is a mixture of absurd theater, pantomime, dance and the songs and videos from the acoustic novel ‚Highly Sensitive‘ by Chris Novi. The stage version thus makes a significant contribution to removing the taboo of mental illness and also contributes to the destigmatization of people with mental illness and their relatives. In addition, the concept of ‘high sensitivity’ as a possible cause of illness wants to be made a public issue and brought closer to the audience in an artistically impressive way.



Sensitive. Advanced. Genius.

High sensitivity is neither a disease nor a genetic defect; it is a variant of what is possible – with special challenges such as talents. SAG7 encourages studies and research projects and promotes dialogue with academic institutions, to supplement the lack of medical and therapeutic experience and to correct bases of new findings.

The Earth

The Earth

Sensitive Green Alliance

Unstoppable global warming or even a new ice age? Constantly we hear contradictory messages about the “condition” of our planet – as if it is just a utensil, which has to be serviced from time to time. But one thing is clear: both as humanity and as an individual, we can only live healthily and continue to develop usefully if we keep our natural habitat healthy.